Meaning in Music

Of all the songs that are played on the radio day in and day out, I have a hard time finding the deeper meaning in several of them. Don’t get me wrong, your girl loves a little (a lot) of pop in her life and I’m not opposed to listening to the hits on my way home from work, but often, it is only a catchy tune to sing along to for a quicker commute. Personally, I find there is nothing more refreshing than an artist who creates something that I want to take in every word of and try to truly understand what message they are sending.

Next week, many know and I’m pleased to say I’ll be chatting with one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Dylan Lloyd, who completely goes against this. Listening to Dylan, I know that when he writes, it is from the heart and done with thought, rather than as a rushed process simply done to release the next charting hit – although he has also had a few charting albums in his music career.

Ironically enough, his song that I currently can’t stop listening to is titled “You Probably Won’t Hear This Song on the Radio” and speaks out on the way we act and want change in the world but are so unwilling to change ourselves.

In spirit of the upcoming interview with Dylan (also my first interview for this blog!) the song is posted on Dylan’s Facebook for free and everyone would benefit from a listen. As stated in the video caption, he chose not to put it on any platform where it needs to be purchased or he could make money from in order for the message to be heard and shared as much as possible without being misconstrued. Link below.

Don’t forget to check back in next week for the full article and interview with Dylan!

You Probably Won’t Hear This Song on the Radio