I started this blog in an attempt to branch out and do something I love. I have always enjoyed writing, music, and getting to know others and in the past few years, I  have had the honor of meeting some of my greatest friends I’ve ever had through music. Being so invested in the overwhelming joy I feel when I find a new artist that I can’t stop listening to, I have found myself creating bonds with a few musicians that I have enjoyed. As I thought about how much I love these things, I wanted to combine them all at once. In an attempt to do this, I have gathered a couple of, what I like to consider “friends”, and invited them for interviews. These are what I believe could be the next up and coming artists – all of which are very talented and unique with shining personalities and countless positive qualities. This blog is going to be a positive space and I wish to leave “negative” interviews and articles in the dust, only posting content that is encouraging, artists that have a great impact, new music that I think you will enjoy, and so forth. I hope this is enjoyable and I can’t wait to get started! Sometime within the month, I will be posting an article on a brilliant artist, Dylan Lloyd, who has so kindly agreed to be my first interview! Thank you, Dylan. I can’t wait to talk with you!